Meetings and Workshops

Our meetings take place monthly on Saturday afternoons at:

St Paul’s Parish Rooms

Reading Road


RG41 1EH

Although we usually welcome visitors to our meetings, whilst we have to be socially distanced, our meetings are for members only. Members have to pre-book their place at each monthly meeting to ensure we can restrict the numbers to the legal limit and have space to social distance.

Saturday workshops take place between 10.00 am and 4.00 pm at St Paul’s Parish Rooms.

Workshop places must be booked and paid for in advance.

To check workshop availability and to book places please contact Dorothee at

Workshop cost for members is £40. Visitors are welcome if space allows; workshop cost for visitors is £45  



This is an opportunity for you to create your own special book in which you ‘ll be able to express yourself and talk about YOU! You can mix your fabric with paper, beads, paint, clay , ANYTHING!

This is a Project open to members and will last from January 2021 to December 2021

Although the project started last month you can join at any time and complete as many page as you like.

We will be keeping a list of each months topics so you can refer to as we go through the year


Months & Page Titles

  • January – Little Pleasures
  • February – My Kitchen
  • March – My Walk in the Woods
  • April
  • May
  • June
  • July
  • August
  • September
  • November
  • December
  • This journal is YOUR journal, and you will keep it for the whole year.
  • Choose the size  and the format that suit you  best. No minimum and maximum sizes required!
  • Devote to it the time that suits you. It is not a competition and we are not looking for masterpieces!
  • You can do several pages on a theme and you can miss a theme , no problem.
  • The artists and info mentioned by Dorothee are just ideas, interpret the theme as you want. There is no right and wrong.
  • The purpose of this project is to spend time together, share, be creative, learn from one another, experiment but most of all HAVE FUN!
  • Please send a picture of the pages you have made if you wish to, to Dorothee before the following session. We will look at them together at the beginning of each session.

Fabric Journal - Next Meeting April 23rd at 7.30pm

To book your place, please click the HERE


April Meeting

Mary Worwood - Contemporary Mix Artist is on SATURDAY 24TH APRIL at 2.30 pm ZOOM Meeting

I am a textile artist taking all my inspiration from nature and the natural landscape. I use threads and fabric and manipulate them to interpret and record what I see. I do workshops and give talks on textile related topics. 

To book for this meeting please contact Linde,

May Workshop

‘Metallics for textiles’ with Jo Mabbutt is on Saturday 15th May

This workshop will introduce a range of metallic media, including real metal leaf, metallic powders and metallic transfer foil, suitable for use on a variety of textiles including Lutradur. 

Students will learn how to use the different adhesives to attach the metallic media and have the opportunity to explore techniques to colour and texture the surfaces resulting in more intriguing textures.  Experimental use of layering and manipulating will produce a wide collection of dramatic starting points for further embellishment.

Jo brings all the specialist materials for the workshop and there is a material fee of £6 per person.

May Meeting

Anne Hellyer is on Saturday 29th May at 2.30 pm

An overview of ten centuries of embroidery Anne loves to paint, and she loves textiles and so combines the two in her work. Anne hand paints all the fabric she uses and then prints finer details and embellishes with machine stitch.

Further Details to follow. To book for this meeting please contact Linde,

June Workshop

‘In Stitch You’ with Harriet Riddell is on Saturday 5th June

Observational drawings using a sewing machine.

Our workshop runs from 10 am till 4 pm and takes place at St Pauls Parish Rooms, Reading Rd, Wokingham, RG41 1EH

Workshop cost for members is £40. Visitors are welcome if space allows; workshop cost for visitors is £45

To book for this meeting please contact Linde,

June Meeting Awaiting details

July Meeting

‘Experimental Textiles’ by Nikki Parmenter is on Saturday 24th July at 2.30 pm Zoom Meeting!

Nikki will talk about the development of her work from paper to wood, then mixed media to textiles. Nikki will show lots of examples and explain her approach to developing and realising a piece of work.

She will describe her influences and the practicalities of making pieces on a large scale. Nikki hopes that members will be encouraged to ask lots of questions and hopefully be influenced by some of the items shown!


Themed workshop based on the garden as inspiration for stitch.

After a brief introduction, you will be able to work on a provided background (about 1 inch square) using principally straight stitch variations.

It should be possible to complete this patch of flower/leaves during the meeting; it could be used on a card, to decorate a book cover, make a brooch or small panel. All materials will be provided.

To book for this meeting please contact Linde,

OUR AGM takes place on 25th September at 2.30pm

September Meeting

‘Stitching the Forest Floor’ with Amanda Corbett is on Saturday 25th September at 3.00 pm

Using thread, paper and silks to create 3D sculptures of fungi, moss, lichen and bark

October Meeting

‘New directions in Goldwork’ by Georgina Bellamy is on Saturday 30th October at 2.30 pm

Georgina Bellamy graduated from the London College of Fashion with a BA in surface textiles. She has created embroidery for various fashion designers and her work has been featured on TV and in magazines.

Georgina’s work featuring reindeer, frogs, pandas and more will amaze you. Her three- dimensional intricate goldwork sculptures are exquisite. Her aim is to bring new life to the age-old tradition of goldwork embroidery back to life.

November Meeting is on Saturday 27th November at 2.30pm

Stitching in Wokingham Library

Whilst we have not been able to meet in the library, we have been meeting in Howard Palmer Gardens to stitch and chat whilst being socially distanced. The Rule of Six means this activity is cancelled until further notice.


Travelling Books

Wokingham Embroiderers has been running a Travelling Books project for several years and many members participate. It is a ’round robin’ with A5 sketch books circulating around contributing members. 

Each member begins with their own sketch book, creating a page and a cover for the book. Some members even make a bag for their travelling book. It is then passed onto another person in the group until each member of the group has completed a page.

Then our travelling books continue to circulate until eventually all pages contain work by our textile artists. At this point they are returned to their owners and if they wish the member starts a new travelling book.